Some Short Reviews

Seeing as I am rather behind on my reviews (I still haven’t reviewed some books I read back in 2014) I thought I would try the quick review thing for books I have partly forgotten or have little to say about.

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Somebody Else’s Kids- Torey Hayden

This one was not quite what I expected, I expected one of those ‘please Daddy, no’ type books, it’s what it looks like. I guess I shouldn’t have judged by the cover because it wasn’t that at all. It was about kids with learning problems (for a variety of reasons) and the teacher who helps them (that’s Hayden). It was more interesting and a better read than I expected. 4/5

Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury. 

This is one of those must-reads, and it’s on The Rory List. About a world where books are banned. It got me thinking about books I’d want to remember, but other than that I found it generally unremarkable 3/5

Expo 58- Jonathon Coe

About the World Fair during the Cold War. Quite funny in parts. I couldn’t decide if the main character was an ass or an idiot, but him being either made me sometimes annoyed and sometimes amused. I especially liked the secret service agents for a laugh 4/5

Leaving Time- Jodi Picoult

I liked the balance in this Picoult novel. It had some of the mystic element that I found too much in Second Glance, the crime/mystery element you get in things like House Rules, and the emotional element like you would get in something like My Sister’s Keeper. Plus there are some interesting facts about elephants thrown in. Classic Picoult. 4/5


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