On Cover Art and New Covers

This week there have been a few new covers revealed this week. Both the US and the UK covers of Go Set and Watchman  (the ‘new’ Harper Lee novel) were released this week, and so was the cover of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I had planned to write this post just about the Go Set A Watchman covers, but when I saw the Harry Potter cover I thought I may as well use that too.

US Cover

The first cover I saw was the US Go Set a Watchman cover. My initial feelings were ‘meh’ it’s ok, but not great. There’s something kind of amateur about it I think. It looks like a good indie ebook cover, not remarkable, but better than a lot of things out there. There’s also a bit of an old fashioned air, which I think is probably to reflect the time when it was written. I can see reflections of the original To Killa Mockingbird cover with the tree. Plus apparently a train journey is apparently important, so I suppose it makes some sense at least.

UK cover

I guessed that the UK cover would somehow link with the To Kill a Mockingbird cover too. I was pretty much right, there’s the tree which reflects the original cover, and the bird which reflects some of the subsequent covers, including the longest standing cover. Plus the orange reflects the orange from the original and later covers. Generally I prefer the UK cover, although I don’t like the text on the cover, it’s silly to read, first time I read it as “Go Set A To Kill A Watchman Mockingbird” which makes no sense. Then I began to wonder if the UK publishers are trying to trick people into thinking they’re buying a double edition, then text for the To Kill a Mockingbird bit is just too big to seem to refer to a by the author of note, which is what it actually is. Really I can’t say I like the UK cover so much either, but it is more instantly likeable.

So onto the illustrated Philosopher’s Stone. We’ve seen a few images from this already (if you look at the pictures on the amazon page you can see what has already been released) and I’ve had mixed feelings about them, I can certainly see the appeal, but I’ve grown up with the original covers, anything else just seems strange. I do like the cover art though. It makes Platform 9 3/4 seem more magical than the original covers. Generally I have to admit the illustrations are good. I especially have liked how Hermione is drawn. I think this is a book I would like to posses when it is released.

What do you think of these new covers?

Pre-order ‘Go Set a Watchman’ (UK cover):

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Pre-order the illustrated edition of Philosopher’s Stone:

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10 responses to “On Cover Art and New Covers

  1. Interesting post! I prefer the American cover, I like the vintage look and I don’t care for the double writing on the English cover. I’m mixed about Harry Potter, I like the cover, even the fact that he’s so small compared to everything else. It gives you that sense of how overwhelmed he is in that first book. But I’m not sold on the illustrations, they are good but they seem too influenced by the movie actors. I always prefer original illustrations for that reason.


  2. Both covers of Harper Lee’s book are beautiful! I don’t know how I feel about the Harry Potter cover… It’s just too much imo.


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  4. I was never a particular fan of the original Philosopher’s Stone cover, I think this one looks more magical, but yes, maybe a bit busy. I think it looks more like a piece of artwork to, which may or may not be a good thing.

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  5. I generally I think prefer the original illustrations to the Harry Potter. I agree about them being influenced by the films, I quite like the illustration of Hermione that we’ve seen though. Harry is not at all how I picture him, neither is Daniel Radcliffe.

    The double writing is what puts me off the English cover, but the train puts me off the US cover.


  6. I guess it depends on personal taste, then! And which cover are you referring to, the first ever published book or the first ever in the US?


  7. The first ever, the UK edition

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  8. I think it was the same one as the first ever Canadian version that initially came out. They were beautiful, but understated. Loved the different colours on the spines that creates such a pretty pattern when you place the books on a shelf!


  9. Oh I must admit I like the spines too. I have the whole lot of them lined up. I quite liked the next set of jackets they did too, more grown-up and understated

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  10. Only book lovers can truly appreciate the spines in a series of books 😉


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