Review of the Year 2014- Fiction

Note: This is a new version of my fiction review of the year post. For some reason I had put my favourite fiction book in the non-fiction category (yeah, I don’t know). The previous winner was Fangirl.

I’ve only read three 5/5 fiction books this year, and to be completely honest I can’t say that either of them have had the literary merits of any of last year’s choices. Although I enjoyed them both, I’m not sure how much either of them stuck with me.

Anyway they were…
The Rosie Project- Graeme Simison

The Rosie Project is about a (probably) autistic professor trying to find a partner. He joins a dating site and writes a questionnaire to scientifically find his ‘perfect’ mate, but maybe love isn’t that simple.



Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is about a girl, Cath. Cath is a twin, and a big fangirl (the type who hangs out on fansites and writes fanfiction) for a series of books. Cath and her sister Wren start university, and things go good for Wren, who is fairly outgoing, but not so great for shy Cath.


Texts From Jane Eyre- Mallory Ortberg

Texts From Jane Eyre imagines text conversations between literary characters or writers.



And my book of the year is…

Mallory Ortberg’s Texts from Jane Eyre

I found this one really funny, and it’s a great flick through books. I only read it in December but it quickly became my most recommended book of the year.



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3 responses to “Review of the Year 2014- Fiction

  1. farmlanebooks

    I only read one 5 star fiction book in 2014 – a very poor year reading-wise for me 😦 Last year The Rosie Project made my ‘best of’ list, so I’m really pleased to see it on yours. I’ve never tried any Rainbow Rowell, but I will now it’s made your list. Hope you have a fantastic 2015!


  2. My reading year has not been the best either to be honest. There’s nothing that has stood out at any point that I’ve thought could be my book of the year. These three were really good, but I wouldn’t call any of them best of the best.

    Do try out Rowell though, she’s an easy read but enjoyable, and she does write good characters.

    Also try out Texts From Jane Eyre, which for some reason I had on my non-fiction list but have now added to this one!


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