Review of the Year 2014- Overview

tagblogThis year I’m doing five posts for the first time. This one, a look at my challenges, a fiction post, a non-fiction post, and a (new!) Children’s Hour Post.

This year I have read 61 books, that’s 2 less than last year, I think I’ll stick with the same goal for 2015, which was to read 65 books.

  • 7 have been non-fiction, 54 have been fiction
  • 7 re-reads this year (all the Harry Potter Books)
  • 11  have been read as part of reading challenges.
  • I didn’t finish 2
  • I started 1 which I intend to return to

My wishlist currently contains 122 books, which is just 1 less than last year.

My To be Read Pile totals up to 60 books that’s gone up again, despite the TBR Pile Challenge.

Not counting re-reads…

5 books have scored 5/5

33 books have scored 4/5

15 books have scored 3/5

1 books have scored 2/5

0 books have scored 1/5

The numbers are more or less the same as last year, less in the 2/2 category, which is nice, and more in the 5/5 which is also nice.

The Challenges post will hopefully be up this weekend

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