Bookish Gifts 2014

It’s that time of year again, time for the bookish gifts post. I’ve got lots of gifts for you this year. Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidays f you prefer). Prices are correct at time of publication.

Some of the items from my old bookish gift posts are also still for sale.

Alice in Wonderland ‘pouch‘. From Out of Print. Other styles are available. $12

Espresso Patronum t-shirt. From Bookriot. For lovers of coffee and books. $22

Great Writers Magnetic Finger Puppets. From The Literary Gift Company. Includes Shakespeare, Virginia Wolfe,  Dickens and Tolstoy. £19.95

Emily Dickinson Poetry Tights. From Coline Designs @ Etsy. No a fan of Emily Dickinson? You can also choose your own print. £16.39

Little Women Sweatshirt. From Out of Print. Other designs are available. $40

Book Necklace. From Bookriot. $18.00

Bathtub Tray. From The Literary Gift Company. Space for a book and two glasses. £49.95

Owl Bookend and Glasses Holder. From Uligo @ Etsy This would be helpful to me, I take me glasses off when reading sometimes and the forgot where I put them. Also available in other colours. £41.48

East and West Egg joining necklaces. From Bookriot. Also available in silver. $30.00

Literary Map of the UK. From The Literary Gift Company. £12.00

Banned Books Socks. From Uncommon Goods. £8.11

Personal Library Embosser. From Horchow. $26.00

Team Edward Rochester t-shirt. From Cafepress. Other colours are available. £18.00

Storybook recorder. From Hammacher Schlemmer. $69.95

Marauder’s Map Dress. From Blackmilk. Other Harry Potter clothing is available. $95.00 AUD

Finger Pointing Bookmark. From amazon. Point to the line you stopped reading at. $7.14

Bookish Smell Candles. From Frostbeard @ Etsy. £9.22

Toilet Roll Holder Book Rest. From The Literary Gift Company. £25.00



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2 responses to “Bookish Gifts 2014

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  2. These are so awesome! I particularly love “espresso patronum” hahaha. Although I’m quite fond of the Emily Dickens tights and the bathtub book thingie too.


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