Film of the Book: Mockingjay (Part 1)

Mockingjay is the third film based on The Hunger Games Books you can see my posts on books and previous films using The Hunger Games tag.

Please note this post may contain spoilers for The Hunger Games books and films, including Mockingjay

It feels like I have been waiting for this film for ages. As far as films of books go I think The Hunger Games films are really good. Fairly faithful to the books, and good as films in their own right too. Maybe it’s because Suzanne Collins works on the screenplays herself, or maybe it’s because she’s worked in television writing so her writing transfers well to screen.

The one concern I really had about Mockingjay was that it had been split into two films. I was concerned that it would be like the last Harry Potter films (part 1, part 2) or The Hobbit films (I couldn’t even bear to see the second) and be over stretched in a way that makes it seem very much like a way to make money out of a popular franchise. So far however it’s worked out good. There was still plenty of action and plot though and the film actually seemed to be over quickly, I’m still holding my reservations as to whether or not it ultimately works, because I may find that the last film is too stretched.

To be honest I didn’t actually remember a great deal of detail about the book of Mockingjay. I had thought to re-read it, just hadn’t gotten around to it. Consequently I sort of missed the major plot point which wasn’t in the film. (I’m going to put this as a spoiler because it’s major, highlight to read) that Katniss asked to be the one to execute Snow. This leads to the big ending where Katniss shoots Coin instead. It’s not exactly that I forgot that it happened, so much as I forgot when it happened (spoiler) the deal, not the execution. I thought it might be still to come, and possibly it still can be worked in at a later date. Of course they may change the controversial ending (like they did with My Sister’s Keeper– bleugh), or they may just have re-worked how it happens. I certainly hope it’s closer to the second possibilty.


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