The Forgotten Daughter- Renita D’Silva

Synopsis (from amazon)

‘You were adopted’. Three simple words, in a letter accompanying her parent’s will, tear Nisha’s carefully ordered world apart. Raised in England, by her caring but emotionally reserved parents, Nisha has never been one to take risks. Now, with the scrawled address of an Indian convent begins a search for the mother and family she never knew and the awakening of childhood memories long forgotten. The secrets, culture and people that Nisha discover will change her life forever. And, as her eyes are opened to a side of herself she didn’t know existed, Nisha realizes that she must also seek answers to the hardest question of all – why?


The Forgotten Daughter is one of those books which is written in different voices. Obviously the voice of Nisha, but also a girl called Devi and a woman called Shilpa. The three woman are (as you would expect) linked, but initially the reader does not know why.

I’m not sure I liked the three narrator part of this. Whilst I enjoyed reading each character, and there were times when one character’s story would take over another’s in my mind it did mean that the reader knew more, and I think that made the emotions pack less of a punch at times. However it did more of a context which made the story more interesting, and meant you could have up to three cliffhangers at a time.

It was a fairly easy read, and exciting enough for me to wan to read it. However it was fairly predictable and at times a little far fetched


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