Persuasion- Jane Austen

Persuasion was my May read for the To Be Read Pile Challenge

Synopsis (from amazon)

Spendthrift baronet Sir Walter overlooks Anne Elliot, his middle daughter, as he’s more concerned with his good looks and social ranking. Anne’s mother died years ago so and her sisters are not close to the refined, sensitive Anne, who appears destined for spinsterhood at age 27. She pines for Frederick Wentworth, however, and life takes an unexpected turn when Frederick re-enters her life.




It’s taken me too long to get around to writing this review…after all it’s June now.


Part of that is that I really feel I have nothing to say on Persuasion. I’m sure I remember people telling me it was their favourite Austen…but I was also sure that it was in the comments when I reviewed Northanger Abbey– which it isn’t. It did say in the comments that they are two very different books- which they are. I really liked Northanger Abbey. It was humourous, and a little gothic. Persuasion was much more serious. It had a little light relief in form of Anne’s family. However generally I found Mary annoying (she was a bit like Mrs Bennett of Pride and Prejudice- but without Mr Bennett to make her seem funny), and Sir Walter shallow. I could see how they could both be light and funny- I just didn’t experience them that way.


I did like Anne though, and that’s what kept me reading.


Probably my least favourite Austen so far




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6 responses to “Persuasion- Jane Austen

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  2. thebookheap

    I love the story of persuasion and of course the love letter at the end but I’ve never actually managed to finish the book itself yet as I get bored in the middle! Planning to give it another go this august!


  3. I’m like you. I loved Northanger Abbey and when I tried to read Persuasion, I found it pretty dull. It’s saying something when I managed to finish Mansfield Park – another very dull book, but couldn’t get through this one.


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