Children’s Hour: Horsey, Horsey, Don’t You Stop

Children’s Hour is a feature posted every Thursday here at Lucybird’s Book Blog. Children’s Hour is my time for reviewing children’s picture books. In my job in a nursery I encounter lots of children’s books, and these are the books I use for Children’s Hour.

You can find links to past Children’s Hour posts here.

I’d love to hear everybody’s experiences of the books I review too, and feel free to post me a link to your own reviews, I’d love to make this a bit interactive.

The image (if you were wondering) is taken from Shirley’s Hughes’ Alfie and Annie-Rose books which I loved as a child.
My nephew has had me reading/singing Horsey, Horsey, Don’t You Stop today. It’s a book of rhymes with pictures showing the baby sign which goes with the rhyme and some lovely bright pictures.

My nephew has specifically asked for “more cake” (pat-a-cake-pat-a-cake) and “more horsey” (Horsey, Horsey Don’t You Stop) and has been dancing and doing the actions along with it.

It’s a simple book, and if you already know the rhymes not really necessary, although it is good for the kids to be able to find the rhymes they want.

Buy it:

Board book- new (from £58.71)

Board Book -used (from £0.01)


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