Review of the Year 2013- Overview

cloudThis year I’m doing the four post thing again. This one, a look at my challenges, a fiction post, and a non-fiction post.

This year I have read 63 books, that’s 15 less than last year, I think I’ll have to down my target for 2014

  • 4 have been non-fiction, 59 have been fiction
  • No re-reads this year
  • 11  have been read as part of reading challenges.
  • I didn’t finish 3
  • I started 6 which I intend to return to

My wishlist currently contains 123 books (what a nice number! Err, and despite The Wishlist Challenge that number has gone up, again) and my To be Read Pile totals up to 52 books (which could last me almost all year!), that’s gone up too.

3 books have scored 5/5

31 books have scored 4/5

24 books have scored 3/5

4 books have scored 2/5

0 books have scored 1/5

The only one of those numbers to go up is 2/5, which is a little sad, and two of those were challenge books.


Stay tuned tomorrow for my review of challenges


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