Film of the Book: Catching Fire

Please note this post may contain spoilers for The Hunger Games trilogy of books and films.

You can read my review of the book Catching Fire here, and my post about the first Hunger Games film here.

So far (at least) I think that The Hunger Games films have been really good adaptations. I have a tendency to be very critical of films which are based on books, especially when they are based on books which I love. The Hunger Games seem to adapt well however, maybe because Suzanne Collins has written for telly (most notably Clarissa Explains it All– which I loved when I was younger), she is used to that style of writing so it can easily translate. My sister even suggested that the film was better than the book, but although I enjoyed it a lot I’m not sure that I would go that far. Maybe on par with the book- and that says a lot!

There were, as always, things missed out, but there was nothing that I especially noticed, so it did keep fairly well to the book. There was just one moment which didn’t quite work on film, actually, no two. The first was when Katniss met Fenrick for the first time. He didn’t come across quite as seedy in the film as he did in the book. The second was when they realised that the arena was a clock, it felt like it was Katniss’ revelation in the film, when really it wasn’t.


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8 responses to “Film of the Book: Catching Fire

  1. Great post. I completely agree with you. You are a good writer. I have a film blog. I tend to write about things that no one has heard of.


  2. I read the books awhile back so I can’t remember them clearly. I saw Catching Fire earlier in the week and thought it was brilliant. I need to go back and read the books now.


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  4. Good review. Needless to say, once all was said and done, I was excited for what’s next to come and that’s all that matters.


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  6. It is definitely a series film isn’t it? More so than the last.


  7. I should maybe re-read the books too, Emma, I read them a couple of years ago. Having said that it might be better for a film to remind you of a book rather than to be comparing the two the whole time


  8. Thank you. I’ll have a look at your blog, sometimes it’s a shame when films are lesser known because they can be amazing, just not have the same promotions as big budget films.


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