Bookish Gifts 2013

It’s the first week of December. The shops are getting busy. So I thought it was about time for my annual Bookish Gifts post. My old bookish gifts posts still get plenty of hits, and a lot of them still have working links too so feel free to look around the blog for more ideas.

First off. A pewter e-book cover by Loutul @ Folksy. My bag is like a tardis, so something like this would really protect my kindle. The picture shown is for the kindle version but Loutul does versions for other e-readers and tablets. This one is £29

I like this Horcrux t-shirt from Skreened because it’s more subtly Potter-ish, only the glasses and scar are instantly recognisable to non-potter fans. I also like that it’s more bookish than film based as so much Harry Potter merchandise is. It costs $33.99, which is about £20.72

I actually own this Go Away I’m Reading Mug. With a bar of chocolate what could be more perfect? (And yes I know more perfect doesn’t make sense) £12.95 from The Literary Gift Company

The Personal Library Kit from mental floss is perfect for those who love to organise their books, and frequent lenders. $14.99 that’s about £9.14

I’ve talked about how awesome Out of Print is before. Now they are doing jewellery too. This Alice Down the Rabbit Hole necklace has to be my favourite. $32.00/about £19.50

Or how about something to keep your Alice necklace in? That’s if you don’t mind reconditioned books. Here’s a customisable book jewellery case from Wrecked Writings @ Etsy £22.23

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(Please note not all links in previous gift posts will work)



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3 responses to “Bookish Gifts 2013

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  2. Isi

    Great ideas!
    I personally like the library kit and the mug 🙂


  3. I have the mug. It’s nice but a little small, I like BIG cups of tea!


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