Here we go

It’s November, or National Novel Writing Month. I dithered to and fro about whether or not to participate this year. I’ve not managed more than a few pages since I started working, but I have an idea, and I think it might be good.

So I decided to take the plunge, but I’m doing it a little differently. I’m setting myself a lower target of 25,000 words, and I’m doing it sponsored. I figure it will be good motivation, and will be doing something good.

I’ve chosen two charities. The British Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support. Please sponsor me.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is a charity which researching heart conditions, helps those with heart problems- and their families, offers information and tries to increase awareness. As a teenager I volunteered in a BHF shop.

Macmillan Cancer Support Logo

Macmillan supports those with cancer and their families. They provide nursing and hospice care, advice, and help with issues which may arise due to having a serious illness, as well as everyday support.

I have particular reasons for choosing both these charities, but it’s something I’d rather not go into. That’s about as personal as you get on this blog- at least for now.

Again please sponsor me

Of course this writing will eat into some of my reading time so I’m expecting to get out less reviews. I still plan on making a Sunday Surfing and a Children’s Hour post each week, and I’ll probably do a weekly update on how NaNoWriMo and my fundraising is going.

Last time, I promise. Please, please sponsor me. As much, or as little as you want. And feel more than welcome to share this post.

Thank you everyone


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