Found Objects- Peter Gelfan

Found Objects, Peter Gelfan, book
Disclaimer: I was given this book free of charge (by the author) in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (from amazon)

Aldo Zoria, a successful commercial photographer, lives with his wife and their lover in a happy household that includes the lover’s two young children. Domestic bliss shatters when an unexpected guest arrives and threatens to turn their world upside down. Found Objects is a novel about the struggle between values and instincts, ideas and reality, whom we strive to become and whom we were born to be.


I enjoyed Found Objects more than I was expecting to. I was interested in the idea of how a relationship with 3 people might work (no, not like that, get your mind out the gutter!), and there was a element of that, but it was more.

There was a bit of a scientific element. A bit psychological, a bit evolutionary, a bit philosophical. A look at the nature of relationships and sex. And I found that really interesting. With it being within a story setting as well it made these ideas and thoughts easier to read than it would have in a text book. Having said that these elements did occasionally distract a little much from the story itself.

I did enjoy the story too, although it did need the more philosophical sections, I think. I liked the characters quite well. Although I sometimes felt a bit annoyed at Aldo, his actions and thoughts were understandable- even if he hadn’t been the narrator.

The ending was a little bit too open, I knew what I wanted to happen next, but I couldn’t see how any option would even be possible.


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3 responses to “Found Objects- Peter Gelfan

  1. I did a double take at the first sentence of your review, LOL. The book sounds very intriguing, thanks for the review.


  2. lol. It is interesting


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