Sunday Surfing 27/10/13

bird surf

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed I’m been posting a lot of links recently. Sunday Surfing is my new feature (inspired by Chrisbookarama‘s Friday Bookish Buzz, which is one of my favourite features) where I share my favourite links from during the week, about books and blogging.

Plus a little about what’s happened on the blog this week. Lets get started.

Around the web this week

Books which are practically impossible to adapt to screen not that that stops people trying!

The problems with ebooks. I love my kindle, but really nothing beats a ‘real’ book.

Iran plans to ease off on censorship

Beautiful libraries. Really. The first one is very ‘Beauty and the Beast’

10 Sequels written by someone other than the original author.

I love this week’s video, it’s funny.

And on the blog this week…

I reviewed The Sleep Room

I talked about great character names

And one of the toddlers brought Hello Kitty ABC to nursery


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2 responses to “Sunday Surfing 27/10/13

  1. Thanks for the great links! It’s always fun to see what people found interesting.


  2. Thanks Lindsey. I enjoy researching this post every week


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