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It’s Tuesday again so The Broke and the Bookish are hosting Top Ten Tuesday.

This week it’s Top 10 Character Names… I’m really the sort of person who would name my kids after book characters, and I’m even named after a book character myself (Lucy from Lucy and Tom’s Day), so I’m going to enjoy this one.

Links lead to reviews (where they exist), pictures are fanart- click the images for original versions. In no particular order.

lily evans, lily potter

Image by Viria13

1) Lily from the Harry Potter Series. I couldn’t get away without a Harry Potter name, could I? I like the name Lily, and it’s less obviously a Potter name (plus Lily Potter is a pretty amazing woman, so it’s nice to dedicate a name to her). Lily is a bit too popular at the moment though which slightly puts me off naming a child that.


Image by aimeekitty

2) Lyra from His Dark Materials. Lyra is a beautiful name, and I love the character. She’s strong, principled, and fights for others and what she believes in. Good traits for a child I think.


Image by Maxicarry

3) Lisabeth from The Millennium Trilogy. I like this as an alternative to Elizabeth, although I’m not actually the biggest fan of the books.

4) Charlotte/Lottie from The Lottie Project. Lottie has been on my list for ages. I would have it short for Charlotte though


Image by punchinello-punch

5) Rosalind from As You Like It. My first Shakespeare name. Technically I got this from one of Noel Streatfeild’s Gemma books, I haven’t actually read the original play, so I imagine Gemma as Rosalind, rather than Rosalind herself


Image by Delight046

6) Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. A Shakespeare I have read, and seen (want to see the new one actually). I don’t like any ways of shortening Juliet though, so would probably not use it


Image by Joshcmartin

7) Hermione from Harry Potter. You know what I just love Hermione

8) Viola from Mother, Mother. I prefer Viola’s given name to her adaptation, Violet. It helps that she’s the most likeable character in Mother, Mother too.

I think that’s it. I realise they’re all girl’s names, but boys names in books don’t tend to be as good or interesting in my experience



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12 responses to “Top 10 Character Names

  1. Great names! I particularly like Lily. I love the idea of naming children after book characters (though I didn’t do that).


  2. ChrissiReads

    You’ve got some amazing names on your list 🙂 I think Lily is a nice name, but it is becoming very popular.


  3. I included Hermione in my list as well. There are so many great names in the HP series to select from. Lisabeth is a great choice as well. I have only read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so far, but I have the rest of the books on my shelf waiting to be read.

    Here is my TTT:


  4. I love the pictures on this. I also picked Lyra and Hermione. Lyra was a name I instantly fell in love with, such a great name and Hermione is just so unique. I can’t believe I forgot Lisbeth Salander!!! My STS.


  5. Thanks, I just wish I could have found art for all of them.


  6. A few people seem to have Hermione, or at least Potter names.


  7. yeah, I know a few people with Lilys. It is one thing that would put me off.


  8. For most of my life my future children’s names have come from books, although they have changed.


  9. Love your list! I’ve always been a fan of the name Lily ❤

    Our List

    Doris @ Owl Always Be Reading


  10. LILY! Oh, I love Lily so much, and her name is just one of the reasons why! Same with Hermione – it just works for her for some reason! And I love the name Lyra and Charlotte – one normal name, one not-so-normal name! Apparently I like Ls – even if they’re in the middle of a name…


  11. Lily is actually my all time favorite girls name 🙂 It’s going to be my first pick for any girl that I have! I think it’s so simple, lovely and timeless. I also love the name Lyra, I haven’t read that book but I’ve been seeing it on a few other blogs this evening and it’s just so pretty! I do also really love the name Charlotte!! great list !!!


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