Mr Lynch’s Holiday- Catherine O’Flynn

Disclaimer: I was given this book free of charge (by the publisher) in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (edited from amazon)

Eamonn Lynch stares at the letter announcing the imminent arrival of his father, Dermot. His first thought is: I’ll make an excuse, I’ll put him off. But it is too late. Dermot is already here, in southern Spain, and soon he’ll discover that Eamonn lives in an unfinished building site; that Laura’s away; and that it’ll be just the two of them, father and son, for two long, hot weeks.

Dermot doesn’t entirely recognise his son; how can he stay quite so long in bed? And where is Laura? Eamonn doesn’t seem to know quite what to make of his father’s arrival. On the other hand his neighbours – pushy and domineering Roger and Cheryl, smug but disillusioned property developers Becca and Ian – see in Dermot a respite from themselves.


I was really excited to be asked to read Mr Lynch’s Holiday. I loved What Was Lost, and quite enjoyed The News Where You Are. To be honest part of the reason I’ve liked those two books is that they are set in Birmingham, and that made me interested to see a Catherine O’Flynn writing in a different setting.

There was a bit more of Birmingham than I expected, but I kind of liked the contrast, and in a way it was a real Brummie‘s book, because most of the time Birmingham came off well! Having said that there was I think more Spain, and it was less of a book about Birmingham for me. It was more a book about relationships, and in that sense it was rather moving. I wanted everything to work out.

Sometimes it was a little predictable, and there was a whole storyline which was maybe a little pointless. It did all fit together nicely though, and it was good to see current events in light of the past.

I also liked the whole Irish immigrant thing, it made me think about how it might have been for my Grandma moving here and living here as someone from Ireland. I’m not sure how much would be reflective on what she experienced because she came over long before Dermont would have.

As characters go I really liked Dermont. I’m not sure I would like him straight off in real life, he would be one of those people who start talking to you on the bus, it’s just not the done thing! Eammon I didn’t like. He was such a snob, and so negative, and judgemental. I came to like him more but I still can’t say I liked him.

I preferred Mr Lynch’s holiday to The News Where You Are, but I still think What Was Lost is O’Flynn’s best to date.


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3 responses to “Mr Lynch’s Holiday- Catherine O’Flynn

  1. I loved Catherine O’Flynn’s first two books so I’m sure I’ll be reading this one myself one of these days. Not sure I’m as interested in the Spanish element as I have been the Birmingham setting of the other two – so I’m glad to hear that Birmingham still plays a part in this novel too.


  2. I don’t think she could quite bring herself to leave Birmingham out of it!


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