Dexter in the Dark- Jeff Lindsey

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Dexter in the Dark is the third book in the Dexter series

Synopsis (from amazon)

Dexter Morgan is busy planning his wedding to Rita to complete his nice-guy disguise.

But when a student is found burnt, molested and headless – seemingly sacrificed to an ancient god – and Dex is brought in as forensic analyst to help investigate, he realises he could be dealing with someone a whole lot more sinister than he is. Soon it seems the dark passenger in Dexter’s head has gone into hiding. And when something creeps out your friendly neighbourhood serial killer, you know it’s serious . . .

As Halpern and Dexter are stalked by death, it looks like it’s getting personal – especially as Dex now has a family to protect. Gradually, Dexter realises his stepchildren might share his extracurricular interest in death. Could he help them target their bloodlust, just as he steers his own? But to do that, Dex must cope with a certain mutilated sergeant from his past, and more importantly . . . stay alive . . .


I introduced the boyfriend to Dexter recently and he’s overtaken me now (that’s what you get for having a TBR pile of 50, and your boyfriend has one of 0). So he read Dexter in the Dark before I did. HE told me it was more fictional than the others, which seems a really strange thing to say about a fictional book, but he couldn’t tell me how it was more fictional without spoiling it.

Actually, turns out I get how it is more fictiony. The most I can say without spoiling is that the Dark Passenger becomes more of his own entity, rather than just a part of Dexter.

As far as a comparison to other novels. I found this a little slower, less gruesome, less inventive, and actually a little predictable. Yeah we had more information than Dexter but I still found myself wondering how he could be so stupid. I don’t think he could have guessed the solution exactly- as the reader might, but he certainly didn’t seem to be linking together the clues he did have, and he could have come pretty close.

However towards the end I must admit I couldn’t see how it could end in 50 or so pages, there still seemed so much to happen. I was worried it would be rushed, and a little (considering my TBR pile in growing faster than I can read, even with a book buying ban) concerned that there would be a cliff hanger which would make me want to read Dexter by Design straight away.

Luckily it was neither. It was certainly action packed, but it felt steady enough, and considering the events the fast pace I think might have made us feel a fraction of what Dexter would have been feeling.

The very, very end I was not so keen on. I don’t think it fitted with the idea, but it makes the next book possible I suppose.


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