It’s Monday. What are You Reading? 2/9/13

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Currently Reading

1Q84 almost done with book 2 now, the library will open just in time for me to be ready for book 3!

Finished Last Week.

A Cupboard Full of Coats turned out really good, better than I thought at first. Review up some time later in the week.

Boy Meets Boy a story about two boys falling in love. Quite beautiful. Review hopefully also up this week.


The Starboard Sea. Coming of age novel about a boy who lost his best friend.

Good Baby, Bad Baby was my Children’s Hour pick last week. Two stories, one about a good baby, one about a bad baby.

Added to the TBR

Boy Meets Boy freebie via netgalley!

The Returned also via netgalley. About dead people returning to life. Not a zombie novel but an emotional one.

Found Objects came as a review request from the publisher. A bit of a strange sounding one. A couple and their lover live together happily- but then the lover’s husband turns up.

Mother Mother a review request from the publishers. When Josephine’s daughter runs away from home Josephine will do anything to keep the rest of her family close.

Suite Française came from bookmooch. It’s a book set during the German occupation of France WW2. It chronicles the lives of ordinary people.

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