Blogiversary: The Future

So I said I’d talk about future plans. To be honest I don’t really have any except to continue what I’m doing. Reading, reviewing, and blogging.

I do have some vague plans to make some posts featuring bookish websites. And I am toying with the idea of Pinterest and Google+ pages for the blog, but really not sure if it’s worth the effort!

I did though want to see what you guys want from my blog. So I’ve set up two polls, one about what I already do, and one about things I could do. Please vote in both, you can choose as many answers as you want, and add additional options in comments. (Or if you don’t want everyone to see your answers you can contact me)

Thanks everyone!


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5 responses to “Blogiversary: The Future

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  3. Isi

    I have both Google + and Pinterest and, honestly, sometimes I forget I have them. Too many social networks!


  4. I know what you mean! At least book blogging isn’t something where 4square seems appropriate. I can see I might use Pinterest, but I’m sceptical of how useful it would really be, as for Google+, I think it would probably turn out like my facebook page, a little neglected with occasional bursts of activity


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