That Liverpool Girl- Ruth Hamilton

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Synopsis (from amazon)

NOT EVEN THE BOMBS THAT DESTROYED THEIR CITY COULD BREAK THEIR SPIRIT … Three generations of strong, determined women and the war that threatened to tear them apart. In the backstreets of Liverpool, Eileen Watson lives with her mother, Nellie, daughter Mel and her three tear-away sons. Life isn’t great, but they have each other, and family can get you through anything. Or…can it? Then, on the third day in September 1939, Britain declares war on Germany and their lives change forever. The children have to be evacuated, but daughter Mel refuses to go, and so Eileen says goodbye to het mother and sons, moves away from the street they love and faces a future without most of the people in her precious family. Thus begins a journey for them all. A journey filled with forbidden love, tragedy and the terrifying sounds of a city they love crumbling into craters left by the Luftwaffe. Their lives will never be the same again …
I bought this book (on kindle daily deal) because I like books set during the world wars. As a war book, this was pretty war lacking, and that was disappointing, especially after writing a post about my top 10 books set during war time. Really it was more a story about Eileen, with a bit thrown in about Mel, her daughter, and even less about the rest of her family- and the place they were evacuated to. Then there was a bit of a story about Tom and his family.
It was all over the place really, the stories were interlinked, but it was like Hamilton couldn’t write a complete story for any storyline so decided to put a few together- and only Eileen’s story really had enough detail to be a story of its own- at a stretch. Occasionally there were war moments, but most of the time the war felt more like a strategy to split the family apart. When the war parts of the story came they sort of came in one big lump rather than the story constantly feeling like a story happening during the war.
However the bits where there was war were rather well done. Moving. Especially towards the end where the war section actually became the story.
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Kindle (£3.29)
Paperback (£5.24)

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