Capitol Hell- Alicia M. Long and Jayne J. Jones

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me free of charge, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (from amazon)
When recent college graduate Allison Amundson, a small town girl from South Dakota, lands the highly sought-after job of scheduler to the newly-elected and rising star of the United States Senate, Senator Anders McDermott III, she initially thinks she is on the fast track to success. However, she quickly learns that crazy co-workers, a high maintenance boss, the boss’s over-the-top demanding family, and an unexpected Presidential bid make Capitol Hill seem even more dysfunctional than it looks on TV. In fact, it is Capitol Hell.

This off-beat, hilarious novel captures what it is like to work in the United States Senate. Find out how it feels to be a hot young staffer on Capitol Hill when you step into Allison’s hot pink high heels, and catch a glimpse of what life is really like ”inside the beltway.”


The timing of this book being sent to me was pretty rather lucky for the authors. I don’t read chick-lit as a general rule, but I fancied something light, and had nothing on my to be read pile, so I decided I might as well try this one.

It’s been described as a political ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘, and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. In some ways it has more bite than The Devil Wears Prada because Allison actually wants to work in politics, it’s not just a means to an end for her. The things which are horrible about it don’t seem to be a ‘just for the time being’ thing. Having said that, maybe things are not quite as bad as they seem?

Long and Jones have both worked on Capitol Hill, so there is a certain element of truth to their story. Sometimes I was thinking to myself ‘I hope this isn’t based on a true story’ and at other times hoped that story events were based on true events.

For something with a political background Capitol Hell was surprisingly non-political. Political issues were covered, but there was little real opinion given, or when there was it was basic, no political arguments, more statements. In fact the thing in the book which made it most obvious that the authors had worked in the senate were the descriptions of the senate building.

I found Capitol Hell to be an amusing, light, and easy read. I liked Alison well enough, although I felt no particular attachment to her. It certainly served the purpose for me.

If you liked The Devil Wears Prada you probably will like Capitol Hell. And it lends itself to a sequel more than The Devil Wears Prada does (seriously I want to read Revenge Wears Prada just to see how a sequel is even possible!).


Buy it:

Kindle (£5.20)

Paperback (£10.24)


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