Sunday Surfing 28/7/13

bird surf

Sunday Surfing is a feature (inspired by Chrisbookarama‘s Friday Bookish Buzz, which is one of my favourite features) where I share my favourite links from during the week, all about books and blogging. Plus a little about what’s happened on the blog this week.

Lets get started.

Around the web this week

The Booker Prize longlist was announced, and The Guardian launched their own Not The Booker Prize which readers vote for.

Hidden Summer reads. I’ve heard a bit about The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards, but not come across the others.

The new British £10 note was unveiled. It features Jane Austen. A bit of a safe choice maybe, and the quote, whilst seeming like a good quote, came from a character who doesn’t actually seem to like reading. The Guardian suggested some alternative women. (In fact the Guardian seems rather riled up by the choice, there are quite a few articles about it on their site)

66 Managers left bookseller Waterstone’s (I’m sorry, I am not taking out that apostrophe) as a result of cutbacks.

Children in Syrian Refugee Camps are being given a free book. The book helps them to understand that sometimes you have to leave home.

And finally, just for fun 23 Signs You’re Hermione Granger.

For this week’s video, a bookshop at night.

And on the blog this week…

I talked about changing covers on books

I read Caveman Dave to the toddlers

Later this week loo out for my review of The Painter of Silence


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