Dearly Devoted Dexter- Jeff Lindsey

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This book was read as part of the Wishlist Challenge

Dearly Devoted Dexter is the second book in the Dexter series, you can read my review of the first book here

Synopsis (from amazon)

Miami’s best-dressed serial killer is back and on the prowl, at least he would be if he could shake off his permanent shadow. Ever since their paths first crossed, Sergeant Doakes hasn’t let Dexter Morgan out of his sight. Dexter may well be the Miami PD’s blood-spatter analyst, but Sgt. Doakes has a pretty good idea of how Dex likes to spend his free time and he’s determined to catch him in the act.

Dex hasn’t killed in months and is getting twitchy. To throw Doakes off his scent, he’s spending more time with Rita, his girlfriend. But no matter how many cosy nights they spend in front of the TV, Doakes is still watching.

Then a body turns up, horribly mutilated and barely alive. To trap the torturer, Doakes and Dexter will have to work together, if they can trust each other. It’s a devil’s pact and one of them will have to be the bait…


It was over a two years ago that I read the first Dexter book, Dearly Devoted Dexter has been on my wishlist (on amazon and bookmooch) ever since, but due to my habit of not buying from my wishlist it’s just got pushed further and further down, But a few weeks ago it came up on bookmooch and I snatched it up.

Despite it being over two years I remember certain parts of Darkly Dreaming Dexter quite vividly. I can’t see this happening so much with Dearly Devoted Dexter. It’s not that it wasn’t bad exactly, there were just less singular events which I think will be memorable, all the crimes were very similar, so whilst I think the general theme of the torture will stick in my memory I don’t think any specific victims will in the way they did for the first book.

The criminal was undoubtedly psychotic, as with the first murderer, however he was maybe less imaginative. And there were times when the plot seemed to drag a little for me.

However there were certain events which make me think that the next book in the series could be rather interesting.


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Kindle (£3.99)

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