A Beautiful Truth- Colin McAdam

A beautiful truth, colin McAdam, book, book review, monkey, chimpDisclaimer: I was given this book free of charge (by the publisher) in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (adapted from amazon)

Walt and Judy’s happiness has been blighted by their childlessness; although their marriage seems blissful, Judy feels increasingly empty and Walt longs to make her happy again. So one day he brings home Looee – a baby chimpanzee. Looee, exuberant and demanding, immediately fills up the gap in Walt and Judy’s life, and they come to love him as their own son. Like any child, Looee is affectionate and quick to learn, generous and engaging. But he is also a deeply unpredictable animal.

At the Girdish Institute, chimpanzees have been studied for decades to prove that they are political, altruistic, often angry but also capable of forgiveness. The chimps at the institute travel a parallel path to Looee’s.


I had a strange relationship with this book. Most of the time I found things a bit difficult. I didn’t feel that attached to the characters as characters- more sympathised with their situation. It was written as if in a chimp’s voice (or at least that’s what I presume it was meant to be). In a way that’s good, because it’s different and it makes you see a side of the story which you wouldn’t usually see. However it did make it more difficult to read, and to engage in.

Having said that I was surprised by how much certain events impacted me. It made me think that maybe I felt more for the characters than I had realised.

It was interesting how McAdam was able to show different sides of the story without loosing any empathy for characters on various sides of the arguments.

I also found that I preferred the second part of the story, when the two stories joined together. However I think this side of the story wouldn’t have the same impact if I hadn’t already known the characters.

You can buy A Beautiful Truth on kindle now, or in paper or hard back from 4th July.


Buy it:

Kindle (£9.50)

Hardback- preorder (£10.55)

Paperback- preorder (£8.70)


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6 responses to “A Beautiful Truth- Colin McAdam

  1. I have a copy of this book too. I hope I like it more than you did. Difficult isn’t always good. Hmm, a little unsure what I’ll think of it, now.


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