It Never Was You- William E. Thomas


I read this book as part of the It Never Was You blog tour. Shorty after this post I will be posting a giveaway of It Never Was You, and tomorrow Mike Harris, publisher and editor of The Cyprus Branches will post a guest post.

It Never Was You is the second book in The Cyprus Branches trilogy. You can read my review of the first book, Pegasus Falling.

Synopsis (from amazon)
Harry Williamson is an ex-merchant seaman, a successful businessman and a loving family man. When he disappears from a ferry in the middle of the Irish Sea, his grieving family are left with more questions than answers.

Who on earth is Mary Robinson?
Why did Harry leave her a small fortune in his will?
Had he been unfaithful to his beloved late wife, Lesley?

As they delve into his past, they discover he’s been harbouring a secret which threatens to tear apart the very fabric of their family history.
What unfolds is the heartbreaking story of a quiet, middle class merchant seaman and his unexpected, tragic relationship with a beautiful and exuberant waitress from the Liverpool docks as they struggle to reconcile their feelings for each other with the ever changing attitudes of post-war Britain.
The follow up to the acclaimed Pegasus Falling, It Never Was You continues Thomas’s epic and panoramic saga of how ordinary people coped with some of the most extraordinary and devastating events of the 20th century.


I listed the previous book in this series, Pegasus Falling, as one of my top ten indie books a few months ago, so I was looking forward to finding out what happened next.

At first I found it rather difficult to make links between Pegasus Falling and It Never Was You. Part of that I think was that there was quite a gap between my reading of the two books. It’s not something which really effected my reading of It Never Was You. At the time when it really mattered that there was a link it was explained. In some ways it was better that I didn’t remember, because it made things more of a surprise. Maybe it says something about the way I read, I didn’t even make some connections which were within the book, but that just made things much more emotional when they were revealed. It might not be me, one link which turned out to be quite important was related to something earlier on that you may not find significant.

I must admit I felt more attached to Pegasus Falling. It had a bit more historical drama which I enjoyed. However It Never Was You struck me as being more emotional, and I think it will stick with me for longer.

I don’t think it’s really essential to read Pegasus Falling before It Never Was You, but it does lend something extra to the story.


Buy it:

Kindle (£1.99)

Paperback (£8.99)


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4 responses to “It Never Was You- William E. Thomas

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the second part of the trilogy. It sounds like you got different things from both books, which is understandable – they’re quite different in tone, aren’t they, despite being hewn from the same manuscript.

    Thanks for a great write up, and for featuring the book so much this weekend on your blog.

    All the very best,


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  3. It’s really quite amazing, but I liked it. It must have been hard for you to make them into separate manuscripts. I was happy to read it, and post about it of course


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