Emma- Jane Austen

This book was read as part of The Rory List

Synopsis (adapted from amazon)

Beautiful, rich, self-assured and witty, Emma Woodhouse delights in match-making those around her, with no apparent care for her own romantic life. Taking young Harriet Smith under her wing, Emma sets her sights on finding a suitable match for her friend.


Why is it I can’t find a none spoilerish synopsis of Emma?

Reportedly Austen said of Emma that she was a

‘heroine whom no one but myself will much like’

and I must admit at least when it comes to my own opinion of her that I must agree. I did not take to Emma the character at all. She was such a snob. And just generally judgemental, she decided who she liked at didn’t before she even met them, and then of course when she got to know them she could only find things to support that. (Highlight for spoiler) and she did not deserve Mr Knightly, who was probably my favourite character in the whole book, but maybe he was good for her.

Overall though I did enjoy Emma. I found it rather amusing, especially when Emma was just so clueless but convinced that she was right. It kind of feels mean to laugh at her but sometimes you rage at her, so you know it’s good to be able to laugh at her.

Incidentally I now realise why the film Clueless (which is based on Emma) is called Clueless.


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