What to do with old ARCs?

The other day Jennifer (from The Restless Reader) was asking on twitter what other bloggers do with ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) once they have read and reviewed them? It’s always something which I have been a little unsure about, meaning that the majority of my ARCs are sitting on my shelves still, and most of them I am unlikely to read again.

I have in the past bookcrossed old ARC copies. It seems to be a pretty good solution to me. It’s sharing bookish love but means that you’re more likely to get someone who would not buy the book if they didn’t find it. Pretty much anyone can pick it up, and in a way that’s a sort of promotion of the author, and seeing as you’re meant to pass bookcrossing books on they may still buy the book if they enjoyed it.

Then there’s the rather popular blogger option of having an ARC giveaway. It’s not one I’ve ever done myself, mainly because of postage, I find it easier to just giveaway new books from the book depository. I can see the appeal though. It stands as a bit of a promotion for your blog (I tend to get more hits when I’m hosting a giveaway at least), and it’s again sharing the bookish love. Plus it’s fairly likely that whoever wins the book is a fellow blogger, so that could mean another review for the author.

Another option is to give them to a charity shop. However ARCs are never intended for selling, and although you wouldn’t benefit from it in monetry terms the charity would, which makes it a bit like selling the book on. It’s more acceptable than selling the book for your own gain because all books come to charity shops free of charge, whereas you’re ‘payment’ for the review is supposedly the book itself.

Then there are swapping options. Things like bookmooch, and read-it swap-it. Again you’re getting a sort of payment for this in the form of other books to read.

So what do you guys do with old ARCs? If you’re an author/publisher what would you like to see happen with ARCs?


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17 responses to “What to do with old ARCs?

  1. Being in the UK I tend to get mainly eBook ARC’s which is actually my preference, however I have some physically copies. One I have added to my personal collection as it was a book by an author which I collected, the others have been either passed along via Book Mooch or in the case of one book, an American one and therefore there were no copies in the County library I donated it to the library.


  2. I should have added that where I have had the physical copy I do advise what I will do with the book at some point, or in the case of the books given to the library I contacted the author or publisher) and asked if they had any objection. No one ever has. The library request a small note to be affixed to the inside of the book.


  3. I’m still struggling with this problem too. I often give them away to friends, but most are still sat around my house.


  4. I donate them to my library – and if they decide not to put them on the shelf, they have a very small 1 room library book store where they are sold for 50 cents or perhaps a dollar. Lots of kids are always there looking for a good read, so I feel pretty good about that.


  5. I’ve never heard of Bookcrossing. That’s really cool. I’m a school librarian, so I leave a stack behind my desk that says “Ask Mrs. Mills if you want one of these books.” I tell the kids they can keep it, pass it on, or bring it back. I really don’t care. Most of them bring them back.

    I’d love to donate them to our library sale, but I don’t think that’s allowed. So I try to give them away. I might try bookcrossed. That sounds like fun.


  6. I give them to my family and friends to read. I do let them know it’s an ARC and that they can’t sell it!


  7. Sounds like a good enough plan


  8. I like bookcrossing, but I hear back from very few books, which is disappointing.

    I like your ideas of giving them to kids from your library, I suppose that only works with certain books though?


  9. Library does seem like a good plan. I’m not sure wbout the library sale though, if they’re allowed to sell ARCs.


  10. I don’t know why I’ve never just asked the publisher!


  11. I do get mainly e-copies to, but even few hard copies build up


  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one!


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  14. I try to do more ebooks because of this, but every once in a while I’ll request a hard copy or win one. I haven’t done it, but I have thought about putting books up for trade like on Goodreads or something.


  15. I usually trade them for another book with another blogger, or I do giveaways on my blog. I never thought of giving them to the library!


  16. Neither did I!

    I like the idea of trading with other bloggers, almost guarantees more reviews so I can’t see publishers having much of a problem with that.


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