The Book Jar

book jar

So today I have been making my book jars. An idea I first saw on Laura’s blog, Devouring Texts and she saw on Alex in Leeds.

I made two. The bigger clear one is for my paper books and the little orange one is for my kindle books. To make an extra distinction (and because they’re pretty) I made my paper book options into paper cranes.

Basically the idea is for a book jar to be a sort of lucky dip. On each piece of paper is written a book from your to be read pile. Not sure what to read next? Pick a piece of paper and read the book written on that paper. Mine isn’t colour coded like Alex’s, the colours just for prettiness.

I think it’s going to give a good chance to those books I’ve had for a long time but somehow never read. I just wish I’d had it during my post Life After Life reading flunk.

For fun here’s a tutorial on how to make an origami crane. They’re pretty easy, the only origami I can make actually (although I have managed to make a parrot a couple of times with lots of instruction.). This is the only video I could find that used the exact same method I do- but I’m sure other methods work.


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16 responses to “The Book Jar

  1. I love the origami! Makes it so much more interesting and, of course, pleasing on the eye. Creating a book jar is getting pretty high on my to do list now. It’s such a good idea.


  2. Yaaaay! I’m so happy you made one, and I WON’T REST until everyone has a Book Jar! Also thank you for posting the origami tutorial, I’m soooo going to be making some cranes!


  3. Alex in Leeds

    Hahaha, that is so ace. Love the cranes, all those book intentions turned into artful wishes. 🙂


  4. Zomg your bookshelf looks like a copy of mine 🙂 (Looking at the Murakamis there.)


  5. I like this idea, I keep wondering about trying it but I’d need a big jar if it’s to fit everything on the to be read? I love the paper cranes very clever.


  6. Wow. I might need to do this…


  7. I love the cranes! I have so many books on my TBR I can’t do anything fancy with my slips and it’s taking me forever to do it. But I hope it will help get through all those forgotten books.


  8. I’m really looking forward to picking my first book from it, but I have a couple of challenge books to read first.


  9. Yeah, for a blogger my TBR pile is pretty small, and the cranes took me long enough! Will be easier now I’ve done what I have though, I’ll only have to do a few more at a time.


  10. The canes probably take up more space than little slips of paper, but yeah you might need a bigger pot. Alex fitted over 300 into hers I believe and the jar doesn’t look too big.


  11. lol, maybe I should have picked a shelf with a wider variety of books on it!


  12. Thanks 🙂 and thank you for the idea


  13. lol yes everyone should make one.

    I hope you get on well with the cranes, I can’t make them quite as perfectly as the video but mine have character!


  14. Yay for book jars!


  15. Awesome idea! I should do this for books I really must read soon.


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