Replacing Google Reader

This week the news came out that google reader is to close down. As a google reader user I’ve been thinking about where to turn, and with help from twitter I’ve had a look at some other feed readers, and I thought I would share my findings.

If you are a fellow Google Reader user you can sign this petition to keep Google Reader open



  • Viewing blogs takes you to the whole blog, which makes it easier to comment
  • Ability to import bloglist direct from google reader
  • Easy to follow other bloggers who use bloglovin’
  • Ability to see stats for people following your blog on blog lovin’ (need to add a blog lovin’ link to your blog for this feature)
  • Ability to group blogs, but…
  • Web based so can be viewed from any computer.
  • Apple app
  • Easy to find new blogs on topics you are interested in and by popularity


  • Bloglovin’ page doesn’t show the whole post meaning you either have to flick through posts one by one or go back and forth between the homepage and the blogs you want to read.
  • …laborious to group blogs, can only do one at a time.



  • Different options for viewing; as webpage, text only, rss view, by comments and sharing
  • Ability to ‘teach’ what you like and don’t like so you only see posts you’re interested in
  • Ability to group and see how much is available in each group
  • Apps for android and Apple
  • Ability to try before joining up
  • Web based
  • Ability to mark posts as read with a time limit (e.g. all posts more than a week old)


  • View seems a little ‘clunky’
  • Need to pay to follow more than 12 feeds



  • Easy to follow WordPress blogs.
  • Ability to track comments made on WordPress blogs
  • First thing you see when you log into wWordpress so means you look at other blogs every time you go to work on your blog
  • Android and Apple apps
  • Web based
  • Blogs can be imported from Google Reader
  • Easy to find new similar blogs


  • Whole posts not shown on feed page
  • Images are moved so content images become title images



  • Android and Apple apps
  • Ability to import google reader blogs
  • Easy to group blogs and see unread content numbers for each group
  • Variety of ways to view content. I like whole article view for intense reading and magazine view for a quick overview
  • Ability to sync with twitter and facebook so all your feeds can be seen in one place and for easy sharing
  • Ability to mark posts as read with a time limit
  • Clean, easy to use layout
  • Ability to import google reader feeds
  • Ability to tweet and retweet within page
  • Sign-in with google, no need for new account


  • App/add-on based so can only be viewed from computers/portable devices with add-ons/apps. Can be used with Firefox, Chrome, Android and IOS
  • Suggested sites based on pre-ordained interests rather than blogs already followed.
  • Some on twitter have re[ported problems with images but I haven’t come across this problem.


Currently feedly is my favourite, but we shall see how continued use goes.


Which Feed Readers do you use? Should I try them out? What might I like about them?




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15 responses to “Replacing Google Reader

  1. Thank you for the helpful run-down on various readers. I’ve always been sort of “married” to WordPress, but I may check these others out.

  2. The good thing about using wordpress to follow blogs is that it means all your blogging needs are met in one place, it’s pretty tidy, I just don’t really like their layout

  3. Such a shame to see Google Reader being shut down, I still use it everyday.

    I’ve seen quite a few folks moving over to Feedly, but I’m also checking out Prismatic.

  4. Thanks for the tip. Am using bloglovin and lovin it 🙂

  5. Very helpful post, thanks! Leaning towards Feedly, myself.

  6. I’m finding Feedly quite easy to settle into, in ways it’s very similar to google reader, I have started noticing some problems with the images now though- sometimes they are not where they should be when there are lots of pictures in a post

  7. Thanks. I will give it a look.

  8. Something I quite like and also dislike about Bloglovin’ is that it’s like a community with an ability to connect with other bloglovin’ users an blogs, however it does also make it seem like there is a bit of a clique there which I’m a bit uncomfortable with.

  9. I think the WordPress feed is really good, but it is only for WordPress blogs which frustrates me. Will be having a look into the other readers. Thanks for the round-up!

  10. You can actually follow other blogs on the wordpress reader. If you press edit by blogs I follow (on the right hand side of the page) you come up with a list of blogs you follow and above you can paste in the url of any blog and follow it.

  11. Haha! I did not know that! I’m still a bit of a novice at blogging so still learning things as I go along. Will be adding lots of blogs to my feed now – I use their app a lot to read blogs on my phone while I travel so will be lovely to have even more to choose from. Thank you!!

  12. Newsblur actually lets you have 58 feeds.

  13. I imagine it’s been updated. When I looked I’m sure that it said 12, and now it says 64. I suppose they may have changed it to try and get ex-google reader users.


  14. Personally, I’ve been having problems getting feeds to auto refresh. I think they’re still having problems with being overwhelmed.

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised, with so many people moving from googlereader.

    I’ve been using feedly but it has it’s problems too, mainly with images, it just chucks them around the place, and sometimes overlaps them. It’s annoying when reading an image heavy post but luckily most book bloggers don’t feel the need for lots of images most of the time

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