Against My Will- Benjamin Berkley

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Synopsis (from Amazon)<

Danielle Landau knows she should feel lucky, but she can’t feel anything but dread. Not only did she pass the New York Bar, but she married the man her father says is just right for her and lives in a fashionable new loft in Queens. But the man who seems like the perfect catch is a perfect nightmare at home. Jacob tries to control her career, her daily routine, and even what she eats. He ignores her desires and belittles her every chance he gets. Soon, Danielle doesn’t recognize her husband or herself, and she struggles to find a way out.As we follow Danielle on her journey of terror and recovery, we see her story intersect with the diary entries of a young girl from more than fifty years ago, and the full weight of the family’s secrets becomes clear. This is a story of survival, self-discovery, justice, and ultimately about love.


I hada bit of a funny relationship with this book. A lot happened, and I was interested in the things that were happening but everything seemed a bit brief. I think with all the topics there could have quite possibly have been three, or maybe even four different novels written, and I think that would have been better because it would have meant the stories would have to be told in more detail.

I did feel that I got to know Danielle quite well, but it was more from knowing her that I could tell how she felt rather than how her actual feelings were described. It meant that early on I felt a bit detached from her, but towards the end I could look back and imagine her feelings a bit better. I can’t quite decide if that’s a good thing or not. It’s a bit more like getting to know a friend than you would get from a deeper description, and in a way in the end that makes you care more. I wanted things to work out for Danielle buy the time I felt I knew her. On the other hand the most emotional areas were at the start of the book, and this is where I felt the most detached from her.

The second story however I didn’t really get. There was very little to really link the two stories, and the detail was far too sparse. It felt like Berkley added this bit to try and add something deep and meaningful into the story, but he would have been better off adding something more to Danielle’s story. If he wanted to write a story of the concentration camps then I feel it should have been done as a separate story.


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