Deep Powder- Dirk Robertson

This book was my first read for the Out Your Comfort Zone Challenge. The idea was to take a random book from a section of the library/bookshop which you don’t normally visit, but seeing as the central library in Birmingham  is moving soon they have booked up most of their books, and so don’t have any sections. This meant I just picked the first book I wouldn’t normally read.

Synopsis (from amazon)

Black snowboarder Finlay turns amateur sleuth when his gardening expertise leads him to believe that the death of fellow snowboarder Animal, is no typical slope accident. Things heat up when he learns that the flashy new snowboard he promised to test is designed to not only cut through snow, but to transport another kind of powder. With a little help from his friends, Finlay gets closer to the truth, and as the tables begin to turn, the line between friend and foe begins to blur.


Oh my God this book was sooo bad, just simply terrible. Words cannot describe. I probably never would have even finished it is it wasn’t for the fact that my kindle broke, and slightly because I didn’t want to give up on a book I was reading for my own challenge.

First off there were just factual errors. Whoever heard of a high-pitched Birmingham accent for one thing? Then there were continuity errors. At one point someone watches someone else die after he has already made sure that he has expired!

There seemed to be random events thrown in which had absolutely nothing to do with the rather absurd (and at times very predictable) plot. The worst being a very clinical, very pointless, very unlikely, and very badly written sex scene.

It was just…urgh.


Buy it (maybe for someone you hate?):

Paperback (£7.19)


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3 responses to “Deep Powder- Dirk Robertson

  1. Shall we say: It was an experience? Sometimes we’re right not picking a book from our comfort zone… (and sometimes we’ll find real gems).


  2. Well I was hoping to find hidden gems, I suppose there’s always next time.


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