Review of the Year 2012- Best Non-Fiction

As only one non-fiction scored 5/5 this year I’m going to list all that scored 4/5 or above. Of course the one which scored 5/5 is the winner!

How To Be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

Is a collection of the thoughts of Caitlin Moran on being and experiences of being a woman.

Dave Gorman Vs. The Rest of the World- Dave Gorman

Is a book where Dave Gorman travels around the country playing different games with different people, some familiar, and some less well known.

Sick- Jen Smith

Is a story of drugs and domestic violence.


The Fry Chronicles- Stephen Fry

Is the second of Stephen Fry’s autobiographies and chronicles his rise to fame.

And the winner is…

How to be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

I loved this book. Caitlin is funny and easy going. I really just wanted to be her friend whilst reading How to be a Woman. It’s advertised as a feminist book, I wouldn’t say it was a major point to the book however, although it did have some feminist areas.


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5 responses to “Review of the Year 2012- Best Non-Fiction

  1. Nice list, but I haven’t heard of any of them. I need to check them out. THANKS.

    Happy New Year. My Favorites of 2012 is listed below.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Favorite Books of 2012

  2. Do, especially the Caitlin Moran, of course

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  4. How to be a Woman is excellent! I’m so happy to have have read it :)

  5. It really is. Need to read Moranology now

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