Review of the Year 2012- Best Non-Fiction

As only one non-fiction scored 5/5 this year I’m going to list all that scored 4/5 or above. Of course the one which scored 5/5 is the winner!

How To Be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

Is a collection of the thoughts of Caitlin Moran on being and experiences of being a woman.

Dave Gorman Vs. The Rest of the World- Dave Gorman

Is a book where Dave Gorman travels around the country playing different games with different people, some familiar, and some less well known.

Sick- Jen Smith

Is a story of drugs and domestic violence.


The Fry Chronicles- Stephen Fry

Is the second of Stephen Fry’s autobiographies and chronicles his rise to fame.

And the winner is…

How to be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

I loved this book. Caitlin is funny and easy going. I really just wanted to be her friend whilst reading How to be a Woman. It’s advertised as a feminist book, I wouldn’t say it was a major point to the book however, although it did have some feminist areas.


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5 responses to “Review of the Year 2012- Best Non-Fiction

  1. Nice list, but I haven’t heard of any of them. I need to check them out. THANKS.

    Happy New Year. My Favorites of 2012 is listed below.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Favorite Books of 2012


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  3. Do, especially the Caitlin Moran, of course


  4. How to be a Woman is excellent! I’m so happy to have have read it 🙂


  5. It really is. Need to read Moranology now


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