Review of the Year 2012- Challenges

The Rory List (ongoing challenge)

This year I have read 5 (arguably 6) books from the Rory List

The Crimson Petal and the White

The Great Gatsby

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Pride and Prejudice

(Grimm’s Fairytales– I had already read a different version of this)

The Virgin Suicides

I beat last year’s total, which had been my aim, being able to get some for free on my kindle has helped.

Murakami Reading Challenge 2012

Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2012

Didn’t do well on this one at all this year, only one book. I had aimed to read 5, but I struggled with 1Q84 and I have an edition with books 1 & 2 together so I wasn’t allowing myself to get another Murakami until I had finished that- which I still haven’t done. The site doesn’t appear to be as active this year either so I don’t know if it will be happening next year.

1Q84 (Book 1)

Next year I am really excited for my own challenge The Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. The idea is that you read books you wouldn’t usually read, and hopefully find something new to love.

Wishlist Challenge 2013

I’m also participating in the Wishlist Challenge 2013.


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5 responses to “Review of the Year 2012- Challenges

  1. Good luck with your challenges for next year. I need to go check what I signed up for and see how I did…not very well probably!


  2. lol, I didn’t exactly do that well this year, hopefully better next year.


  3. Isi

    I’m also participating in a lot of challenges this new year (some in my Spanish blog, some in both blogs), and I’m looking forward to starting my reads!!
    I think 5 books written by an author in one year is too much… Perhaps you get tired of reading Murakami, for example…
    Anyway, good luck with your new challenges!!


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  5. Murakami isn’t the easiest to read, but I do love his writing, generally. I think maybe my problem this year was I didn’t get on well with 1Q84 and that put me off a bit


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