Review of the Year 2012- Overview

Image from goodreads

Image from goodreads

I’m doing things a little different again this year, I’ve decided not to do a post of disappointing books, but as last year I will do a post on challenges, and separate posts for fiction and non-fiction

This year I have read 78 books, that’s 15 more than last year:

  • 8 have been non-fiction, 66 have been fiction
  • No re-reads this year
  • 4 (arguably 5) have been read as part of reading challenges.

My wishlist currently contains 116 books (oops, more than last year!) and my To be Read Pile totals up to 44 books (well if we go by this year’s numbers that should probably last me until October-ish)

8 books have scored 5/5

40 books have scored 4/5

25 books have scored 3/5

2 books have scored 2/5

0 books have scored 1/5

So generally this year I have been reading more enjoyable books (hooray!)


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3 responses to “Review of the Year 2012- Overview

  1. GREAT year for you. THANKS for sharing.

    My favorite books are in the link below:

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Favorite Books of 2012


  2. Yeah, I’m happy with how it’s gone. Here’s to 2013!


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