Lone Wolf- Jodi Picoult

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Luke Warren would sleep in the dirt if it meant he could be under the stars.

He lives by the laws of nature, and would surely want to die that way.

But Luke is in a coma, and his family must make an unbearable decision.

As tensions and secrets rise to the surface, the tragic accident which brought them back together against the odds could well tear Luke’s family apart forever.

They know Luke would not want to live like this.
But how can they choose to let him die?


I have a strange compulsion when it comes to Jodi Picoult books that means I have to read them as soon as I get my hands on them, so despite the fact I already had bookmarks in Expose, The Good Angel of Death, and Kavalier and Clay, oh and have only read Part 1 of 1Q84, I still had to start Lone Wolf when I bought it a couple of weeks ago.

Picoult is easy to read though so it doesn’t give that much of an interruption to your reading. In fact it’s part of what I like about her writing, it’s easy to read, and the plot really draws you in, but it still has some substance.

As with all of Picoult’s books the chapters are broken up between different characters. I didn’t really enjoy the Luke chapters so much, maybe because they weren’t a part of the main plot, but I did think they were important. How can you really have an opinion on whether a person would want their life support turned off or not if you only know that person third hand? It was interesting in it’s own way, and I did feel a got to know Luke well enough to think I would know what he wanted. However there was always a part of me waiting for his chapters to end.

I cared more for his kids really, and I couldn’t really decide who I wanted to be able to make the decision, although I did know what I wanted the decision to be. From that I should have been able to pick one of the kids to win but I cared about them both too much to want either of them to loose. It’s not something Picoult has ever really done before and I liked that perspective.

However I did feel in some way that elements of the story were added just to bulk the story out. Sometimes I didn’t really feel they added that much to the main plot, but that the main plot in itself may not have been enough to make a whole story.

I did enjoy Lone Wolf a lot, but it’d not my favourite Picoult.


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3 responses to “Lone Wolf- Jodi Picoult

  1. I haven’t read a Picoult novel in awhile, think you need a break between them. This one sounds a lot different to the courtroom and family dramas I’ve read.


  2. It’s good. There is still a court element to it, but it doesn’t make up the main bulk of the story.


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