Going Out- Scarlett Thomas

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Luke is twenty-five and allergic to the sun. He is stuck in his bedroom, where the world comes to him through TV, the internet and Julie’s visits. Julie, meanwhile, is brilliant, kind and could be changing the world. Unfortunately she is too terrified of aeroplane crashes, road accidents and potentially life-threatening bacteria to leave her home town. When someone contacts Luke and claims that he can cure him, Luke and Julie have to deal with their fears and face the world outside. With four friends, wellies and a homemade space suit, they set off in a VW Camper van along Britain’s B-roads. It is a journey that might just change their lives.


I very much enjoyed The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas, and her next novel, Pop Co, is one of my favourites. However I was disappointed by Our Tragic Universe. When I saw Going Out in the shops I was excited but I didn’t immediately feel the need to buy it as I had with Our Tragic Universe, not because it didn’t sound interesting, but because I didn’t want another let down.

I can’t exactly say Going Out was a let down, but I think that was more due to the fact that I didn’t go into it expecting something as fantastic as Pop Co. However it certainly didn’t reach p to the levels of Pop Co. or even The End of Mr Y.

It did interest me, but it really took a long time to get going. Most of the time it was just a story of a girl who worked in a pizza place and was scared of everything. I didn’t even feel a particular affinity with her character. The most I can say for it was that there was a certain coming of age novel feel to it.

Once the journey got started I did begin to get interested, mainly because I wanted to see if things would work, or how. Even that though was not that fantastic. It was a little anti-climatic.

I will still read Scarlett Thomas’ latest offering, Bright Young Things, but I have a feeling she has passed her peak.


Buy it:

Paperback (£5.39)

Kindle (£5.12)


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4 responses to “Going Out- Scarlett Thomas

  1. Hadn’t heard of this one but sounds good. I liked coming of age stories.


  2. It’s not coming of age is a traditional way, but that’s the best name I can give it


  3. Like you, I really enjoyed PopCo and was disappointed with Our Tragic Universe. I’ve just bought Bright Young Things, so I hope it’s good. I’m also keen to read Monkeys With Typewriters, Scarlett Thomas’ book on how to write.


  4. I’ve just bought Bright Young Things myself. It sounds a bit more Pop Co. like, so hopefully she’ll be back on form.


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