Bloggiesta Day 2

It’s day 2 of bloggiesta. I’m quite happy with the amount I got done last night, but I’ve done most of the easy things now!

So far I have:

  • Contacted a couple of people in regards to making a banner for my blog.
  • Updated my Children’s Hour page so all my children’s hour posts are listed, and to add a bit of explanation
  • Whittled down my twitter list- basically deleting authors whose books I haven’t read/don’t plan on reading. This should mean my twitter feed is made up of more of what I’m interested in. I have yet to create groups.
  • Visited and commented on a few other blogs
  • Responded to outstanding comments- although I have more to reply on which were posted while I was sleeping.
  • Updated my Goodreads reviews
  • Updated my Amazon reviews
  • Read and responded to author/publicist e-mails
  • Taken part in 1 mini-challenge. I did Smack Attack’s Grade Yourself Challenge. My grade came out as 89 which I’m really chuffed with. The only things it said was that I don’t have enough of my posts tweeted or shared on facebook, and that I could add more tags to my photos. The first I’m not sure how to go about improving. With the second I’m unsure whether I can add tags without breaking my amazon affiliate links

How did your first day of bloggiesta go?


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4 responses to “Bloggiesta Day 2

  1. Smash Attack

    That is such a good score!
    I recently edited my Goodreads friends’ list. SO painful!


  2. You surely did a lot! Awesome! Keep it up 🙂


  3. Thanks. They were all pretty easy things, am kinda petting off the harder things


  4. I was shocked. Twitter wasn’t so bad, am not looking forward top doing my google reader


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