Bloggiesta Starting Line

Hia you guys! Yay bloggiesta has finally arrived, I’ve been getting this post ready all month.

Bloggiesta is an event held over this weekend where bloggers get together to work on their blogs. If you would like to join up, or visit other blogs joining in then have a look at the starting point post over at There’s a Book.

I really enjoyed the last bloggiesta (my first) and have plenty I need doing for this one!

Anyone who is visiting for the first time. Hello. I’m Lucy. Feel free to look around my blog. I mainly post contemporary reviews but I review a children’s picture book once a week (I’m a nursery nurse, so it seem appropriate) and I post on musings about books and reading too. Leave me a comment and I will give you a visit.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order here is….

The List

  • Cross-post reviews to Amazon
  • Make a banner/ sort out getting one made (if anyone can recommend someone who can do this for me that would be awesome. I’ve contacted a couple of people who never got back to me 😦 and have one to look into)
  • Update masterlists
  • Sort out google reader
  • Sort out blogroll
  • Write outstanding reviews – Going Out
  • Write future Children’s Hour posts
  • Look at Top 10 Tuesday topics, possibly write posts
  • Update review policy
  • Update Children’s Hour Page
  • Create new introduction for Children’s Hour
  • Add links to other reviews on reviews
  • Sort out Twitter list (possibly create groups)
  • Visit some other blogs
  • Take part in some mini-challenges (Have completed Smash Attack Read’s Grade Yourself Mini-Challenge)
  • Update Goodreads reviews
  • Take part in a twitter party/some twitter parties.
  • Reply to outstanding comments
  • Respond to author/publicist e-mails.
  • Back-up blog
  • Write a custom message for e-mail subscribers

I’m going to be crossing things off as I go along, and possibly adding stuff too.


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16 responses to “Bloggiesta Starting Line

  1. Good luck, Lucy! Looks like a very useful list of items. Hope you get a lot done this weekend.


  2. Thanks Judith. Good luck for you too.


  3. Great list! I hope you find someone to make you a banner. I’ve started do some graphics for myself as I couldn’t find anyone. I’m hosting a mini-challenge and it has to do with review policies, if you want to check it out.

    Girl Who Reads


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  5. I found making a banner wasn’t too hard if I just used some online pic editing software. Good luck finding someone – otherwise just google “picture editing free” and there are loads of free utilities you can use.


  6. I did have a beautiful one but I took it down during the last bloggiesta because I was worried about copyright issues. My current one I edited myself using photobucket, but, well, I don’t really like it


  7. Hi Lucy! I’m also doing Bloggiesta. This is my first time doing it and I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, lol. Since you review and look at childrens books, have you seen “The Adventures of KatGirl!”?


  8. I love your goal to reply to outstanding comments, I am so bad at that! Good luck with your list, but it looks like you’re doing a great job!


  9. I’ve done the easy bits. That’s how I’ve got this much done


  10. Ambitious list, nice! Good luck with it 😀

    My bloggiesta.


  11. That’s quite an ambitious list! I’ve got a great deal to do IRL, so I set up a short list for myself this time. I wish you lots of luck and lots of fun this weekend while completing it 🙂


  12. Great list! And you’re doing great so far!
    Good luck on your goals and have fun!


  13. Thanks, it’s a little daunting!


  14. Thanks. I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed if I’m honest!


  15. Thank you. You too


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