The Child Who- Simon Lelic

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A quiet English town is left reeling when twelve-year-old Daniel Blake is discovered to have brutally murdered his schoolmate Felicity Forbes. For provincial solicitor Leo Curtice, the case promises to be the most high profile – and morally challenging – of his career. But as he begins his defence Leo is unprepared for the impact the public fury surrounding Felicity’s death will have on his family – and his teenage daughter Ellie, above all. While Leo struggles to get Daniel to open up, hoping to unearth the reasons for the boy’s terrible crime, the build-up of pressure on Leo’s family intensifies. As the case nears its climax, events will take their darkest turn. For Leo, nothing will ever be the same again .


This book was not what I expected. Maybe partly because I hadn’t re-read the synopsis before I started reading the actual book (although that is only usually something I do if I can’t decide what to read.

It wasn’t that the book was bad, it’s just it really didn’t reach it’s full potential. I expected much more about Daniel, and his reasoning behind the murder, and that was the part I was really interested in. Actually the whole Daniel thin felt like it had been skimmed over and the focus was much more on Leo and the effect the case had on him and his family.

It’s not even that I didn’t find the Leo side of things interesting I did, especially after the main event happened, but it pretty much made the fact that a child was involved in the case pointless.

There was a certain crime/mystery element but I would it rather predictable, so really that’s didn’t keep me hooked.

It was an easy read however, and interesting enough to keep me reading.


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2 responses to “The Child Who- Simon Lelic

  1. I wasn’t a big fan of this book either. I loved his first book, Rupture, but this one felt a bit light and two dimensional in comparison. I agree with you about Daniel – there was no background and I wanted to understand his motivations. Such a shame as it could have been a lot better.


  2. I don’t think it’s put me off Lelic completely. I did actually request another of his from netgally around about the same time I bought this one, although I’m still awaiting reply. Hopefully if I do get approved it will be better, I’d still read it if not, just I would be disappointed again I think.


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