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It’s Friday, and the Book Blogger Hop started yesterday. I actually have a chance to sit down and write a post so thought I would join in this week (despite to fact I have a couple of reviews waiting to be written…shhh).

This week’s question suits e quite well as I’ve been in a bit of a rut recently- although I seem to be coming out of it now.

Who is your go-to author when you are in a reading rut?

Well I tend to more go for a style than anything else. Most books I can just read through a rut with, but when I’m really struggling I know if I find an easy read I should be okay. For this reason I tend to only read Chick-Lit when I’m in a reading rut, (generally speaking) the writing style is easy to understand, the stories aren’t too complex (although they can often be rather predictable), you never really have t think when you’re reading chick-lit. I also find that Jodi Picoult rarely fails to draw me in- her books do make me think, but the writing style is easy and there tends to be a great need to know what’s going to happen next. The other thing is my Harry Potter books. I know them pretty much off by heart but they still excite me.

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16 responses to “Book Blogger Hop

  1. I can see choosing Jodi P, my go to similar would be Kristin Hannah.


  2. Toots

    Mmm, a reading rut? Is that like writer’s block? Is it when you just don’t feel inspired to read any of the books in your reading pile? Or maybe when a couple of recent reads have been disappointing, and you feel jaded. The person who is tired of reading is tired of life! The medicine I would recommend – a good dose of high quality thriller fiction eg Ruth Rendell, or a light but absorbing and well-written novel such as something by Daphne Du Maurier (‘Rebecca”, ‘My Cousin Rachel’, ‘ The House on the Strand’). Those would be my cures, but that’s because I already know they are good, having read them before! And I think that’s the solution- you have to read something you already know is going to draw you in, and that’s going to be different for everyone. I recently re-read ‘Treasure Island’ after more than 40 years. It would have been my cure for reading rut aged 11/12 – and I think it would still work now.


  3. I love Harry Potter. Deifnitely an old favorite that is good to fall back on when nothing else sounds good. Harry Potter ALWAYS sounds good.


  4. Either, or maybe both. Usually I can find something on my reading pile to inspire me but sometimes I just need Harry!

    I still haven’t read Rebecca but have been meaning to for years, literally.


  5. Harry Potter does always sound good. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. I’ve never read any Kristen Hannah but maybe I should look her up. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Jodi Picoult, for sure. Even the Picoult books that I didn’t like as much drew me in and kept me entertained. Picoult at her worst is better than a lot of authors at their best, IMHO.

    Happy Hopping!


  8. Such great answers this week…well…great answers EVERY WEEK, and great questions.
    Stop by to see my response if you like.
    Silver’s Reviews


  9. Cool, I will have to try Ruth Rendell. I’m glad I dropped by from BBH. I’m your newest follower.
    My Blog


  10. Thanks for stopping by, and for following. Will stop by yours next time I’m on a property computer (am on my phone now)


  11. Same here. It’s why I’ll always after her latest offering. Can’t decide whether to read the one she’s written with her daughter though, it doesn’t sound like get normal style


  12. Jodi P books never sound like they’d be quick reads but they always seem to be for me too. Even though I’m not too keen on the ones that spend too much time on the experience of being a mother. I know she writes about mothers, but some spend more time than others on it.


  13. I LOVE that your part of The Rory List. I felt a special kinship with Rory when I was a teenager (that when the show was on for) and loved to read (and, of course, we share a name). I’ve never gotten in to Jodi P., possibly because she tore my heart out with The Pact!


  14. Oh they are so sad (Picoult’s books) but I tend to like that sort of thing. If you want something more positive maybe Picture Perfect, Sing You Home or House Rules- Sing You Home was my favourite of the 3.

    I love Gilmore Girls, I got into it when the repeats were on. I had a broken leg and could do little more than read, watch TV and use the computer- The Rory List seemed a great way to connect the 3.


  15. I tend to prefer the ones that focus on other people too, my favourite is Handle with Care and that focuses a lot on both the both and the child I think. I think it’s because I identify with the child that I like that one though. My second favourite is My Sister’s Keeper and that’s certainly not a mother focuses one.


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