Pegasus Falling- William E. Thomas

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Arnhem, 1944. Captain Stanley Adam Malcolm Parker – Sammy to his friends – and his platoon have fought bravely, but it was always a losing battle – the bridge was unwinnable. When his men are taken away to spend the rest of the war as POWs, Sammy finds himself incarcerated somewhere all the more terrifying – a concentration camp. Spared an immediate death, he discovers firsthand the full horror of the final solution.

In a place of utmost fear and desperation, beyond all hope and salvation, Sammy makes another entirely unforeseen discovery – the beautiful and mysterious Naomi.

Sammy’s battle is now to stay alive, sane and keep hold of the woman he loves.

Pegasus Falling is the first part of the Cypress Branches Trilogy to be released in paperback. A truly heartbreaking and courageous work, it follows the emotional story of Sammy and his struggle to survive the terrors of World War II and its aftermath.


To call Pegasus Falling a war novel is, I think, not really doing it justice. Certainly there is an element of war in the novel, and the main character is a solider, but it is more really about the effects of the second world war than about the war itself. And it’s a story about love, of all different types. It was certainly an emotional book, especially when Sammy was in the concentration camp, and towards the end, in fact in some ways I didn’t like the end because it was so emotional- although it did leave me wanted to read on.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I really liked all the characters. I found the love element quite interesting actually. It seemed that none of the love in the novel really was without agenda. That made me wonder if people do love just because, I mean even at a basic level you could say people love because they want to be loved, right?


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5 responses to “Pegasus Falling- William E. Thomas

  1. Mama Kucing

    I heard about this book from my friend. She was praising it sky high. Hope to be able get my hands on this book soon


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