Beneath The Shadows- Sara Foster

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me via netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (from netgalley)

When Grace’s husband, Adam, inherits an isolated North Yorkshire cottage, they leave the bustle of London behind to try a new life. A week later, Adam vanishes without a trace, leaving their baby daughter, Millie, in her stroller on the doorstep. The following year, Grace returns to the tiny village on the untamed heath.  Everyone—the police, her parents, even her best friend and younger sister—is convinced that Adam left her. But Grace, unable to let go of her memories of their love and life together, cannot accept this explanation.  She is desperate for answers, but the slumbering, deeply superstitious hamlet is unwilling to give up its secrets. As Grace hunts through forgotten corners of the cottage searching for clues, and digs deeper into the lives of the locals, strange dreams begin to haunt her. Are the villagers hiding something, or is she becoming increasingly paranoid? Only as snowfall threatens to cut her and Millie off from the rest of the world does Grace make a terrible discovery. She has been looking in the wrong place for answers all along, and she and her daughter will be in terrible danger if she cannot get them away in time.


I had intended to review this book before it was released but after a weekend in London I only managed to finish it on the train yesterday. Still it was released today so I don’t think I am to far behind if I manage to finish this review today!

The main reason I decided to read Beneath The Shadows was because it was described as ‘gothic’. I have a bit of a thing about gothic literature, it started with reading Jane Eyre and looking its gothic elements when I was studying for my a-levels, it’s even what I write on the rare occasions I manage to write anything other than the first few lines of a story!

I really liked it as well. I loved the way Foster used the surroundings not only to reflect what was going on but also to reflect Grace’s state of mind. I also liked how sometimes Foster used what you expected to be foreshadowing as a sort of trick when really nothing that suspicious was going to happen, it got me every time!

The only really problem I had was that I started to guess at the truth early on. I never guess the whole story behind everything that had happened but guessing a bit took some of the climax out of the book.


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6 responses to “Beneath The Shadows- Sara Foster

  1. Sound like a book I would like to read for it more a mystery then something else, Great review


  2. Thanks. The mystery is worth the read but it’s a fair bit more than that


  3. Amy

    I do love the gothic, if the writing is top notch and if there is a strong sense of place. I’m off to check this one out.


  4. It’s a bit like Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours in sense of place, if you’ve read that one.


  5. That cover…. wow!


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