It’s (not!) Fridaaaaay

…and that means the Book Blog Hop is here!

And this week’s question is a bit difficult, ’cause I don’t really know the answer

How many books do you own? This can include books in your to-be-read (TBR) pile(s) and books you have already read that are on your keeper shelf.

As far as books I own, I have no idea at all. I recently packed up the books in my room, and that was about 6 boxes, not to mention my other books around the house. My TBR pile in paper books is at about err 20 books and I have I think about 10 on my kindle…possibly a few more. It’s actually quite big for me, I usually at least attempt to stay in single figures…

Note: for some reason this didn’t post properly on Friday…but I thought it had. I apologise for anyone who tried to visit only to find the link didn’t work


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6 responses to “It’s (not!) Fridaaaaay

  1. Lovely post, I have a few and I want to Re-read some that I own again.
    But I have a TBR List on goodreads that will probably grow.

    Here is my Link to post:
    You can check out the rest of my Blog. Sooner or Later I will probably have another look. Take a look around and follow me if you want to. I do have Linky Follower if you want to follow me that way but that is up to you.


  2. I try to keep my TBR list to a minimum too- I get a bit panicky when it goes over 20 or so!

    My hop post


  3. I used to get panicky when it went over 10…but that’s the norm these days!

    Thanks for hopping by


  4. When I put my books in my new bookcase I might put them all on goodreads…but that might be to ambitious!


  5. Hmm. I’ve never counted but I figure I can work this out. My TBR takes up half a bookcase and is 125 books. So five bookcases equals about 1250 books? Although there’s still more at my Dad’s house..


  6. yikes that’s quite a number!


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