Children’s Hour: There’s a Billy Goat in the Garden

Children’s Hour is a new feature here at Lucybird’s Book Blog every Thursday where I’m looking at children’s picture books. As I work in a nursery I get plenty of opportunities to look at picture books, and to see what the kids think of them so it really makes sense to use those experiences.

I’d love to hear everybody’s experiences of the books I review too, and feel free to post me a link to your own reviews, I’d love to make this a bit interactive.

The image (if you were wondering) is taken from Shirley’s Hughes’ Alfie and Annie-Rose books which I loved as a child.

Image from Amazon

There’s a Billy Goat in the Garden is another book I discovered at the nursery. There is a naughty billy goat in the garden, and he will NOT GET OUT, all the animals try to help proclaiming they can do it because they are bigger, but none of them can. All the animals laugh when the bee says he will do it “You silly, itty-bitty, bee, you can’t get that billy goat out”. I love this book I really do. I love to hear the kids chiming in “I’m bigger” “…will NOT get out”. They say which animals are going to get the billy goat out, can they do it? It’s a great oppertunity to talk about how being small doesn’t mean you don’t matter. All ego boosting! The pictures tell more of the story. The billy goat messing up the garden, his naughtiness, the horror of the owners of the garden, the goat’s fear of the bee.

Unfortunately you don’t seem to be able to buy it new from the normal sources (amazon, the book depository etc.) but you can get it new or used from private amazon sellers.


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2 responses to “Children’s Hour: There’s a Billy Goat in the Garden

  1. I love this! As a children’s author, there’s nothing I love more than the image your Children’s Hour conjures of a circle of little ones looking at the pictures and commenting in their adorable voices.


  2. It’s one of my favourite times… when they’re listening at least!


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