Brooklyn Bites: A Pickle & Carrot Cake- Scott Stabile

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Brooklyn Bites is a collection of short stories that centers around the compelling people, diverse relationships and simply remarkable food in Brooklyn, New York. A Pickle & Carrot Cake are the fifth and sixth stories in the compilation.

In A Pickle, two close friends—a man and a woman—enjoy some deli sandwiches and new dill pickles while they discuss the frustrations of dating in New York City. As the woman pressures the man to reveal more about himself, she finds herself incapable of digesting what he ultimately reveals.

Carrot Cake is set in Mary’s kitchen, as she prepares a Lebanese feast for her family. When her son arrives with his fiancee, the ordinary meal takes an unexpected and uncomfortable turn, one that leaves Mary having to explain a lot more than her hummus recipe.

A Pickle & Carrot Cake is the third volume of Scott Stabile’s Brooklyn Bites story collections (read my reviews of volumes 1 & 2). I really think these stories are beautifully written especially when it comes to the descriptions of food. This volume probably has been my least favourite, however. I did enjoy the first story a lot. I didn’t really get much of a sense of the food (a pickle) as I had previously when reading the Brooklyn Bites stories. I did however really get a sense of the relationship between the two friends, and I enjoyed the different style of writing in the story, it read like a conversation and this really helped to make it seem like you were there listening to the two friends talk. That’s the link between the two stories, relationships, one the relationship between two friends, the other (Carrot Cake) about the relationship between a mother and her family. While with the first story you got a sense of how the relationship worked with the second I liked how well there was a sense of how the mother felt for her family. The second story was much more descriptive when it came to food, and sometimes I could almost taste the flavours, although there were so many dishes described that sometimes the descriptions were a little brief to really give a sense of the food.
These are still amongst some of the best stories I have read this year, but this volume doesn’t rank quite as high as the other 2.
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