Brooklyn Bites: Meatball Sandwich & Cream Crumb- Scott Stabile

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Brooklyn Bites is a collection of shorts stories that centers around the compelling people, diverse relationships and simply remarkable food in Brooklyn, New York. Meatball Sandwich and Cream Crumb are the third and fourth stories in the compilation.

In Meatball Sandwich, Jeremy sits on the Brooklyn Heights promenade, miserable from having been dumped by text the night before. When some stranger named Maggie sits down next to him against his wishes, Jeremy imagines a giant fish leaping out of the East River and swallowing her whole. That is, until she offers him a homemade meatball sandwich and a night on the promenade he never expected.

Cream Crumb follows Josh into Peter Pan’s Donut Shop, where he is about to have his last meal before jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Josh orders a cream crumb donut for the first time and is so overwhelmed by its taste that his life changes in completely unexpected ways even before he finishes the last bite.

Meatball Sandwich & Cream Crumb is the second volume of Scott Stabile’s Brooklyn Bites stories. Each volume contains 2 short stories focused around food, and around Brooklyn. I read the first volume (Truffle Fries and a Little Taste of Chocolate) as a review book earlier this year and fell in love. This second volume really keeps up the standard. The descriptions of food are so intense you can almost taste the food, I’m not a big meatball person but Sabile’s descriptions of the meatball sandwich had me  craving one, and after finishing Cream Crumb I wished I was in walking distance of Krispy Kreme! In some ways I actually prefered this volume. I didn’t think either story was stronger than the other, as I had with the first volume. I thought they linked together a bit better. They were both about hope, which is a lovely thing to read about in itself.
I had really wondered how a donut could really change someone’s life. As I started to find out I was a little skeptical but Stabile made a strange idea sound realistic, which is a real feat.
Seriously guys you have to read this series.
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