How Winning the Lottery Changed my Life- Sandra Hayes

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (from Amazon)

“What if you suddenly acquired a windfall of money and maybe a little fame? How would it change your life? This is my story, a true story of how my life changed since winning the lottery in April 2006. It includes the controversial reality show Million Dollar Christmas, which aired December 2007.

That reality show featured four out of the thirteen lottery winners (we were dubbed the Lucky 13), who consented to being filmed for a reality show. The show was about our lives as we prepared for our first Christmas as millionaires.

Out of the four stories, my story was the most talked about throughout the country. I received both positive and negative feedback from people across the United States.

My story in this book includes the love I received, the hate, the hopes, and regrets that come with a life-altering change. After reading this book, perhaps you will be able to answer this question: Is winning the lottery a blessing or a curse”


Not really sure where to start with this review. To be perfectly honest it felt more like a self-help guide for people who suddenly became millionaires than an insight into lives of lottery winners, which was what I was expecting. There was some talk of what Sandra spent her money on, but no real detail, she talked about how some spending was personal, which is all well and good but if you are going to write a book about winning the lottery surely you have to let go of some privacy?

She often refereed to the reality television show with which she had been involved but didn’t give any real details about it except that they edited the show in a way that framed her in a bad light, and to mention a time they had filmed without her knowledge. It didn’t really say anything much specific and that meant a lot of the book was lost on me as I haven’t seen the show. At some points I thought that the book was a defense against the show but without seeing the show that meant it lost its meaning.

The writing wasn’t bad. It was pretty conversational which made it easy to read, but as a conversation it tended to be a bit repetative.


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