Bloggiesta Update 1

So today (oops I mean yesterday) has been pretty productive I think. I’ve got lots of little jobs done on the blog, but that leaves quite a few big tasks for tomorrow!

So what have I done today?

  • Updated my review masterlists and added films
  • Created a Facebook page (as part of a mini challenge)
  • Updated my review policy
  • Attempted (and failed) to find out where my cover image came from (this took much longer than I expected!) and changed to a temporary cover image I know I’m allowed to use
  • Backed up my blog (as part of a mini challenge)
  • Visited a few other participating blogs
  • Taken part in my first twitter party!
  • Updated my blogroll
  • Added a challenge category and listed posts under it
  • Written and posted a post for The Haruki Murakami challenge

Considering how long that header task took it is certainly time for bed now! Goodnight all


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4 responses to “Bloggiesta Update 1

  1. You got some great stuff done! The twitter party was so much fun even though I didn’t get to stick around for very long. I added a review policy this weekend. I didn’t have on before! Good luck with the rest of your list!


  2. Lucybird

    I didn’t have a review policy either until fairly recently, but it has helped cut down the number of requests to read books that are really out of my usual reading.


  3. My eyes got so wide at the Haruki Murakami challenge! He’s my favourite author and looking forward to reading about them. You’ve done so much, congratulations and good luck with the rest. 🙂


  4. Lucybird

    Thank you. It’s all big things left now though!


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