Bloggiesta Summery Post

It’s getting late here so time for my bloggiesta to end 😦

I’ve actually really enjoyed it despite some of my task being boring, and being driven crazy trying to find a new banner (which I still haven’t really succeeded in). I’ve loved visiting other blogs and hanging out on twitter, and feel like I’ve got a lot done.

Today I feel I have done less but maybe that’s because I have had larger tasks on my list.

Today I have:

  • Changed my header about 3 time and still not managed to find 1 I really like!
  • Cross posted review to Amazon as far back as June last year
  • Made sure all my reviews for this year have been posted to goodreads and tagged as being read this year
  • Commented on some blogs
  • Completed the last of 3 mini-challenges I set myself to complete
  • Written and posted a review of The Psychology of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Over the whole of the weekend I have:

  • Attempted to sort out my header
  • Posted reviews to Amazon as far back as June last year
  • Update reviews masterlists& add links to reviews of the films
  • Checked and update links to other blogs
  • Looked into and set up Facebook page
  • Looked at adding internal letter links to my masterlists and found it can’t be done on
  • Updated review policy
  • Taken part in  3 challenges (1,2,3)
  • Written a review of The Psychology of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Backed-up blog
  • Written post for Murakami Challenge
  • Added challenges category to challenge posts
  • Made sure all my 2012 books are tagged on Goodreads
  • Commented on other blogs
  • Joined in with a twitter party

I hope everyone else had as productive and fun a bloggiesta.



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2 responses to “Bloggiesta Summery Post

  1. Looks like you accomplished a lot!


  2. Lucybird

    Yeah, I’m quite happy with what I’ve got done


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